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K1 Kayak Trainer Ergometer

K1 Kayak Trainer Ergometer


A kayak ergo machine that has the original on water feel of a real kayak, very faithfully reproducing you paddling action, as fitness aid to hone your Surf Ski & kayak training, paddle technique, or simple pure seated cardio exercise.

Here's what Ironman Dean Mercer had to say about the K1 Ergo:

"The K1 Trainer converts easily into a swimming and board paddling Ergo. K1 Trainer helps deliver strength and power to my stroke and is great for technique as well, it enables me to create a much better feel for the water and become more efficient paddler. I would highly recommend the K1 Trainer to all athletes from Olympic Champions to the fitness conscious person looking for the extra edge"

It's made locally, and comes complete with the paddle shaft, a clear & simple to follow on-board computer, and the frame is pre-roped with trainer lines.


The computer is purpose built for the K1 Trainer it collects information & gives the user feedback in real time and displays it on the large LCD Screen.

• Strokes per minute
• Meters per second
• Power produced in watts
• Total elapsed time
• Countdown to start
• Total meters paddled

The computer switches itself off if the machine has not been used for 3 minutes.

This is a well made, well designed Australian product at a  very competitive price, $2299 if picking up from EK, or an extra $180 for national delivery.

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