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Valley Nordkapp Forti

Valley Nordkapp Forti


In 2015 the Nordkapp will be 40 years old. Prehaps one of the most influential sea kayak designs ever produced. Designed specifically for a 500 mile expedition up the Norwegian coast to its most northerly point, this was the start of sea kayaks being used for extended recreational trips.
With the 40th Anniversary approaching Valley decided to recreate a modern incarnation of this classic kayak. From the outset Valley decided that the ‘New’ Nordkapp should not be based on the current version but the very first incarnation. The Hull has hardly been touched, with the deck only changed to incorporate a modern cockpit and hatches.

For some the boat gained a reputation as being unstable, this was predominantly with lighter paddlers and  unloaded boats. For its 25th anniversary it was made a bit more "user friendly" and named the Nordkapp Jubilee. Again very popular but some had felt it had lost some of its soul. With the release of the LV in more recent times Valley brought back some of the liveliness. With the 40th anniversary "Forti" edition the boat has lost none of the soul, keeps the classic looking lines and offers a sporty but considered ride. In essence the Forti is the kayak that would be produced today from the original brief and blue prints, after all the sea hasn't changed. Still a "True Classic" with an upto date twist.

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